Caring for the environment

How we care for the environment

For many years the Farm has been active in doing what it can to protect and improve the environment. We have chosen to minimise chemical inputs and maintain healthy livestock by prevention rather than cure. Over the last 30 years we have planted or regenerated over 2 kilometers of hedgerow, planted up field corners with shrubs and dug a new pond. During the last two years we have created 3 acres of ‘new’ woodland by planting over 1500 trees.

At  Freshwinds we are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. Here are some of our objectives.     


We don’t like it!  We aim to keep the farm as litter free as possible.  There are plenty of waste bins on the camp site and we would ask all our visitors to ensure that litter is put in the receptacles provided.


The waste bins on the camp site are emptied regularly. All we ask is that from the onset you minimise the amount of packaging you bring with you and then place all waste (with the exception of food waste) in the wheelie bins provided. Be assured that all waste is sorted by our waste collector and everything that can be recycled will be.


It is extremely unpleasant for our waste collector to have to handle food waste mixed with general waste and so we insist that you do all you can to place food waste in the bin provided at the camp kitchen.


All food waste and compostable packaging will be composted on the farm


All our yurts have small solar panels in order that you can re charge your phone and have some lighting. Also throughout the camp site water is heated using propane gas. We are currently looking at ways in which we might have a source of solar power at the camp field.


As far as possible, fallen timber is left so that wildlife can flourish so please leave branches alone and use the firewood provided for your fire.


All the water in the showers and sinks comes off our main water supply and is safe to drink, there is no need to bring additional bottled water.

We monitor our water usage very closely.  We provide showers rather than baths for reduced water use.


We are very protective of all our trees, whether young or old.  We do not like to see items nailed to them. Ouch!  We get quite sad when someone has broken branches through pure vandalism.  Remember – without trees and plants, we will not be able to breathe! Due to our concerns over global warming we have planted over 2000 trees over the last two years and we hope you enjoy walking through these new plantations and watching them flourish


We use recycled or environmentally friendly products where possible. You will notice that at the yurts there is an alternative washing up liquid (home made) which means we are not buying new bottles but refilling the ones we have. The scourer  are eco friendly. The duvets at the yurts are mostly made from sheep wool and cotton.


As you will notice all our toilets are compost toilets and whilst they might not suit that small minority we feel it is much better that our poo is recycled like anything else. At the campsite just before the season starts the toilets are cleared out and the then ‘compost’ is spread on the land.

HOWEVER it is essential that only wee, poo and toilet paper be put in them as other sanitory products, nappies and wipes usually contain plastic. 


We have devised several walking routes which you might like to try including walk to the local pub and Tea room.  Although we try to give clear instructions, people have been known to wander off the track and get lost!  If you have the OS app on your phone you will notice there are a few walks we have recorded and made public


We are very fortunate that when our local butcher shop closed in January a similar shop keeper took over and now supplies a range of locally sourced produce and meat for your BBQ. There are the usual shops quite close in Ore Village on the outskirts of Hastings.


You can freeze your ice blocks in the freezer in the Wool Shed at the farm.  We do not charge for this service, but we do ask you to make a donation into the charity box There is also a small library of books which you are welcome to use.  Again we would appreciate a charity donation.  Our charity is Farm Africa and we have been supporting their work for over 30 years and we have left some information on their work by the collection tin

Thank You.

Anne and Tim